My practice is an embodied inquiry into deviancy.

Situated at the intersection of spontaneity and criticality, my work spans across live art, writing, photography and film.

The research is grounded in queer, feminist and decolonial thought, with a focus on magic, sexuality, and healing.

It considers the body as a vehicle, using art as a pathway to emancipation.

This manifests more specifically in the performances, as an investigation into soul therapy.

These works are often bathed in colourful lights and set in motion by trance inducing soundtracks.

My writing embraces a multiplicity of logics and voices. By appropriating the words of others and populating them with my own intention, I intend to subvert the abstraction of language, thus creating a site for participative thinking.

With a particular focus on the occult, and through a varied and often collaborative approach, my photography seeks to arouse the viewer’s political imagination to Dionysiac forces.

My work intends to confront the gentrification of the spirit, exploring deviant forms of knowledge production and distribution. It’s also a way for me to become more perceptive, more intensely aware of inward and outward reality, more open to the sensual world.


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