Vigil (2023)

Vigil was a participatory ritual invoking six goddesses of revenge from the Greco-Roman tradition, conducted to call for reparation for victims of heterosexual violence. An altar was meticulously arranged with candles, images, and offerings for each deity - Nemesis, Poenna, Eumenedis, Adrasteia, Kali, and Invidi - with participants invited to join in calling upon their names. The ceremony culminated with the solemn reading of names of individuals who had suffered from such violence. This ritual was composed around the image of a melting candle, for me a symbolic representation of a doing away of phallocentric society. 
This ritual was performed in the context of Darkness Visible, a performance workshop orgnised by American artist Ron Athey, which took place in April 2023, in Athens, Greece. 
Thanks to Ron Athey, Hermes Pittakos, Michele Occeli, Federica Dauri and Diana J. Torres.

Luciferin in my Belly (2019)

Somatic Ritual weaving together the sigil magick of Austin Osman Spare, queer club culture and the mating call of fireflies. 

Comissioned for Future Ritual by Joseph Schofield.

28th of October at Kunstraum, London.

Photography: Julia Sterre Schmitz

Scapegoat (2023)
Scapegoat is a collective ritual inspired by the ancient Greek ritual Pharmakos, in which a goat is sacrificed in order to bring about purification for the community. This queer iteration of this ritual, bends gender roles in order to propose a vision of society beyond the phallocentric logic of desire within patriarchal heteronormative society.
 The ritual is centred around two characters, a sacrificial goat which is kept in a chastity cage and its shepherd.  The ritual engages with archetypal dynamics of dominance and submission, wherein the masculine is ceremoniously sacrificed. This gesture creates room for a non-binary imaginary that joyfully celebrates queerness, deriving pleasure from the disruption of traditional gender roles.
The ritual was bathed by a live score provided by artist Tom Nobrega. 
 The ritual was composed as a group work in the context of PRAXIS, a study group/residency programme organised by fluent in Santander, Spain, taking place beteen September and December 2023.

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