DISCOSEANCE marked Augusto Cascales' first solo exhibition, held at the iconic hair salon We Are Cuts in Soho, central London, from September to October 2023.

The exhibition presented a previously unseen body of work created by the artist during lockdown in their former studio in Hackney Wick. Featuring a series of printed photographs and an immersive video installation looping in the basement, the work delves into a magico-queer imaginary through portraiture, in collaboration with the artist's chosen family.

The work was accompained by a trance-inducing soundtrack composed by London artist Richard Lockett, commissioned specifically for this exhibition.

Visitors were invited to take part in this immersive installation, through dancing and communing with other beings—human and otherwise.

Augusto Cascales (he/she/they – b. 1992, São Paulo, Brazil) is an artist based in London working across live art, photography, and film. They consider their practice as an embodied inquiry into deviancy, appealing to art’s emancipatory and political potentials to challenge long-held colonial and patriarchal systems of our passing time. Through a mischievous reimagining of the social and political body, Augusto seeks to create glimpses of other possible worlds. Augusto holds a BA in Fine Art and History of Art from Goldsmiths University of London (2018) and a master's degree in Live Art from Queen Mary University of London (2023).

Richard Lockett (b. 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist working across various media including drawing, digital, video, collage, installation and sound/music. The works attempt to record sensorial experiences in a sculptural and spatial manner. Areas of interest include the arrangement, potentiality and psychology of interior spaces; neurodivergence through recording and drawing/mark making; mapping as aesthetic tool for finding different connections between subject and object.

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